Sunday, August 20, 2017

Oprent - Rent Designer Dress in London

Rent Designer Dress London | Please meet - a luxury fashion rental service based in London, offering statement pieces from the most coveted runway designers at a fraction of the price. Our curated collection includes both current and some past season pieces. Oprent began with a daydream. A vision of a world where I could simply walk into any designer store and leave with a dress borrowed at a fraction of the price. 

Why buy another expensive dress I would only wear once? Everyone has a story behind a certain beautiful purchase, but after some time we shelve them and forget about them. Oprent focuses on creating a remarkable luxury experience for people to bring maximum life into every beautiful luxury piece by changing the way we access them.

About Oprent

Designed for the modern women who want constant access to luxury statement pieces, Oprent emulates a luxury shopping-like experience without you having to pay the full price or think “Will I wear this again?”.

rent designer dress london

Oprent focuses on producing highly editorialized content and an expertly curated lineup of the most show-stopping and trendiest pieces from established luxury and emerging designers. Our proprietary technology allows you to request a selection of next season's looks, helping us and our partners build your ultimate dream closet.

When our clients rent with Oprent, they receive an unsurpassed concierge service tailored to their every need. Our commitment is to help you look and feel your best at every occasion. At Oprent, we value experience and moments.

Rent Designer Dress in London

So if you need to rent a fashion, dress, bags or another luxury fashion accessories, you may visit and find it. There so much product to choose from well-known designers. Oprent is Europe’s first and premium destination to rent high fashion on demand, giving you unprecedented access to the latest and most coveted runway pieces available for hire from brands, style icons, and boutiques. Our dedicated concierge and team of stylists offer a bespoke service tailored to your needs and providing you a seamless rental experience. We handle dry-cleaning, deliveries, and insurance.

This is how Oprent work:
  1. Browse through our collection to find a piece you love. Filter by size, color, and designer to find your best look.
  2. Love it? Reserve it! Check the availability of the dress by selecting your delivery and return dates and the rental duration. You can rent the piece for 4 or 8 days. If you would like to select a backup style, simply email us and check out the more expensive piece. We will send you the second style as a complimentary backup piece.
  3. Receive It: The dress will be delivered via Royal Mail or courier (London Zone 1-2 Only) to your home, hotel or office by 8 PM on the delivery date. If you would like to specify a delivery time, please email us.
  4. Return It: We provide pre-labeled return packaging upon delivery. The item is due by 12 pm on the rental return date. Forget to dry-clean, we’ll do that for you.

When you in need to rent fashion or rent dress or rent fashion luxury, just remember to visit 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Tips on Rent Fashion

Rent Fashion | For every Women in the world, they all want to look beautiful with the dress they wear. But sometimes, it's not easy to find and wear a perfect dress. You may buy or rent an up to date fashionable dress, but is it fits on you?

rent fashion

Here some tips that might help you.
  • Choose clothing that favors your body, which fits perfectly and is not expensive.
  • Fear not copy. If you admire the style of another person, borrows his ideas. Just keep things that you copy to a minimum as you could irritate that person.
  • Do not try to wear clothes that you outgrow the pretext that makes you look slim (a). Actually, your body does not work that way. Everyone over age 30 should have a full-length mirror that must be used before going outside.
  • Use colors that make you feel happy and attractive (a). If you feel good with your clothes, you look good in it.
  • If you try to save money, not finish your search discount store. Although these places always lower their prices, you can find cheaper clothes in thrift stores.
  • If you’re a girl, try a new makeup. Visit the makeup section of a department store to receive a Free Makeover. Tell the makeup to get what you expect, but remains willing to accept his comments as might be hiding your best features. Be prepared to buy at least one product as a thank you.
  • Do not stress if someone copies your style. You are more than a style and your appearance is composed of several elements. Take it as a compliment and find something new.
  • If you really want to stand out, you can make your own clothes and accessories. However, you need skills to sew, crochet hooks, among other things.
  • Have fun with the clothes has great bold prints and patterns.
  • If you’re a girl short, put on clothes with lace or ruffles. The garments of this style will make you look taller.
You may find the best fashionable dress that fits your need in Oprent gives a rental fashion service such as dress, bags, and etc. Visit and see by yourself.

There so many places to do rent dress or rent fashion, you can choose the one that you like.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Rent A Bag The Hottest New Trend

Rent Fashion Bag | I was surfing the net the other day, and came across an article that left me flabbergasted. As you all likely know by now, I am a designer handbag fanatic. There have been months where I have seriously considered bouncing my rent check in order to buy a purse I simply could not do without. Who am I kidding? I have bounced my rent to buy a new handbag! And I would likely do it again. 

Well, it appears that my dilemma has come to an end. I was surfing the net the other day, and came across an interesting article. It was about the burgeoning industry of designer handbag rentals! Now I have heard of luxury car rentals and even designer wedding dress rentals, but I never imagined a day when I could rent the latest Chanel purse. Can you picture yourself going into Blockbuster Handbags and renting the purse you have been saving your money for? I know I can!

rent fashion, rent bag, fashionable rent

rent fashion, rent bag, fashionable rent

There is a company called Oprent, as far as I can tell, is the first of a kind - a company that give a service on rent fashion / rent designer. They have a wonderful website, and a business model like no other. It is very similar to Netflix or something to that effect, but you rent Fashion and handbags instead of the latest DVD. Somewhat similar to renting videos, you are given access to a collection of beautiful handbags to use on a temporary basis. You can rent the bag for as long as you like, but it must remain in the condition you received it in. I wonder if they have an insurance plan.

So, if you want to be fashionable without having to buy an expensive handbags or dress, you can visit Oprent and rent Fashion from well known designer. 

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Pierre Cardin - Legend Of Fashion Designer

Rent Designer | The world of Fashion know well Pierre Cardin, A legend in the fashion history. Every body knows him well as a world famous fashion designer.

Pierre Cardin ((French: [pjɛʁ kaʁdɛ̃]), born Pietro Cardin; 2 July 1922) is an Italian-born French fashion designer.

Cardin is known for his avant-garde style and his Space Age designs. He prefers geometric shapes and motifs, often ignoring the female form. He advanced into unisex fashions, sometimes experimental, and not always practical. He founded his fashion house in 1950 and introduced the "bubble dress" in 1954.

On 16 October 2009 Pierre Cardin was nominated Goodwill Ambassador of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations.


Cardin was born in San Biagio di Callalta near Treviso. Cardin’s parents were wealthy landowners, but to escape fascism they left Italy and settled in France in 1924. His father, a wealthy French wine merchant, wished him to study architecture, but from childhood he was interested in dressmaking.

rent designer - pierrre cardin

Cardin was educated in central France. Beginning his career early, Cardin, aged 14, worked as a clothier’s apprentice, learning the basics of fashion design and construction. In 1939, he left home to work for a tailor in Vichy, where he began making suits for women. During World War II, he worked in the Red Cross, launching humanitarian interests that continue to this day.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Fashion Store or Rent Designer

Are you interested in revamping your wardrobe?  If you are looking to update the clothing or clothing accessories that you own, you may be interested in incorporating some of the latest fashion trends into your wardrobe.  If you are, you will need to find a fashion store to shop at.

But wait, there is another option. You can find a Rent Designer (Rent Fashion Store) so You can look Fashionable without buy a new fashion. Nowadays,  there's so much fashion store that give service in renting Fashion, accessories, bags and others. You can find it online, like 

rent designer
Image taken from

Rent Designer mean you can rent a fashion from a well known Fashion Designer, so you can attend to an event without having to worry about your fashion. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Fashion Rent

Fashion Rent | For those of you who want to look fashionable then you certainly need a proper fashion. When you find it difficult to find it in a boutique then you can try using the Fashion Rent service that provides fashion with the latest models and created by famous designers.

Fashion Trends for All Body Sizes

Apart from the problem to find a fashion that is right for you, you can read about the Fashion trends for all body sizes. If there were one thing that you could change about your body, what would it be?  There are actually a large number of individuals out there who would like to change more than just one thing. 

fashion rent

There are many who say that they are too skinny, others who claim that they are too large, some claim that their cleavage is too big or too small, and others who would change the size of their butts. Unfortunately, not everyone has the money needed to get cosmetic surgery and not everyone has the time needed to devote to an exercise plan.  That is what results in many feeling hopeless, like things are never going to change.  However, there is good news, while you may not necessarily be able to change the way that your body is, you may be able to “change,” the way that it looks. You can do this with fashion.